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All training/coaching programmes are custom made to fit your individual needs. Training content will be compiled after conducting a needs analysis


Are you intending to venture your business into ASEAN or India? To guarantee a good start, conduct a cross-cultural analysis, to compare the working and socialising compatibility of all involved persons.



Cross-cultural competence covers not only communication and language skills but sharpens you analytic vision and your ability to interpret situations and commitments correctly. Win hearts and mind of your foreign partners, with newly acquired skills.



Through innovative methods of learning, you can improve your cognitive knowledge on foreign cultures.
Every training/coaching will enrich your skills to handle professional and casual situations in ASEAN, India and Sri Lanka.


Your Benefits From Cross-Cultural Training / Coaching


The first meeting. Fundamental values before doing business. Communication and Cooperativeness. Negotiations and agreements.


The ProgrammeIntensive cross-cultural briefing on Malaysia

Meet and Greet – Seminar expectations

–         A short history on Malaysia
–         Malaysia’s development and its position in ASEAN
–         Comparing development in Germany and Malaysia
–         Salutations, exchanging of business cards and names
–         Taboo subjects
–         The first impressions, dress code and status symbols
–         Important Do’s and Don’ts
–         The role of religion in the society
–         Making friends with locals
–         Meeting and resolving conflicts
–         Planning and decision making in Malaysia
–         Direct vs Indirect communication
–         Time and decision commitments

Virtual Team Management

Critical factors in creating an international virtual team. Cultural dimensions that influence virtual teams. Conflict management. Creating and encouraging a team spirit. Phases in starting and running a team.

 Virtual Team Management

Managing a virtual team in Singapore.

– Image of Germans/Germany in Singapore
– What are typical the traits of any culture?
– The iceberg of cultural characteristics
– The role of religion in Singapore
– The value of face-saving-gestures
– Bureaucracy and its effects
– What is Singlish?
– What are typical German and Singaporean behaviour?
– Praising and criticising team members
– Communication modus and it’s benefits
– Leadership styles in Singapore
– Do’s and Don’ts in discussions

Welcome to Germany

Finding your place in Germany. Living in Germany. Experiencing German society. Making friend with Germans.Styles of communication in Germany – direct vs indirect. Business ethics Presentations Cultural Shock what is it?

 Welcome to Germany

  • A short history of Germany
  • Geography
  • Citizens of Germany
  • Languages, Religion and Tradition
  • Finding your place in Germany
  • Living in Germany
  • Shopping
  • National and private health care
  • Transportation
  • Experiencing German society
  • Making friend with Germans
  • What is good social behaviour?
  • Giving presents
  • Salutations and Names
  • Body language
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Handymen and prices
  • Housing in Germany
  • Mosquitoes and insects
  • Cleanliness and jay walking
  • Going out for the evening
  • Styles of communication in Germany – direct v indirect
  • Business ethics
  • Presentations
  • Cultural Shock what is it?
  • What do Germans think about your country?

A short history. Meet and greet. Body language and styles of communications. Presenting at meetings and business ethics. Compliance and corruption.


Intensive cultural briefing Indonesia– History and diversity of Indonesia
– Languages, names and greeting rituals
– Do’s and Don’ts in business and social encounters
– Respect, politeness and styles of communication
– Superstition, time and punctuality
– Presenting in meetings, humour and content
– Difference in cultural dimensions and its effects in formal negotiations.
– Dealing with complaints and misunderstandings
– Motivating and training locals
Working in Germany

Starting in Germany

 Working in Germany

  • A short history of Germany
  • Languages
  • Finding your place in Germany
  • Experiencing German society
  • Making friend with Germans
  • What is good social behaviour?
  • Salutations and Names
  • Cleanliness and jay walking
  • Cultural Dimension differences between Germany and your country
  • Power distance index
  • An individual society
  • A masculine community
  • Uncertainty index
Field Force / Commissioning Engineers

Business ethics. Giving local employees instructions. Motivating indigenous specialist . Effective training methods, acceptable locally. Compliance and corruption. Symptoms of cultural shock.

 Field Force / Commissioning Engineers

Commissioning of plants in the Philippines– First impressions
– Meet and greet procedure for persons in differing hierarchy
– Superstition a special Filipino relationship
– Employee recruiting, motivating and appraisals
– Giving instructions and controlling work done
– Salutations and names
– Free time, karaoke and night clubs
– Differing cultural dimensions and its causes